Basically, steroids are meant to help you improve your physical performance. A good steroid should be safe and tolerable by the body. This is what Anavar steroids provide. Anavar, also known as Oxandrolone is a popular oral effective anabolic steroid. It is highly rated due to its safe and tolerable properties. The steroid is obtained from the alteration of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and is known to be an effective performance booting steroid. The steroid is common among weightlifters, bodybuilders, beauty models and other athletes due to its ability to enhance power and speed. The component is also effective in facilitating tissue leaning.

Working Principle of Anavar

Oxandrolone is a structurally altered DHT steroid. An oxygen atom normally replaces a carbon at position 2 of the A-ring. This alteration immensely increases the hormone’s anabolic functions. There is also another alteration at carbon-17 where a methyl group is added to enable the steroid to be orally ingestible. The anabolic potential of Anavar pills is 3-6 times greater than that of testosterone. Its working mechanism is based on:

• Increases the production of Red Blood Cells

• Increases nitrogen retention in your muscle tissues which are needed for protein synthesis.

• Lowers the production of SHBG (Sex-Hormone-binding-Globulin)

• Inhibits the effect of stress hormone (Glucocorticoid).

Generally, when the levels of SHBG are lower, more testosterone becomes available to enhance anabolic functions. Glucocorticoids are known to facilitate muscle wasting. They are also known to enhance weight gain. Their inhibition translates to a more preserved body that is lean and muscular. The Red Blood Cells production enhances stamina and general muscular performance. These are the reasons why you should buy Anavar now.

Effects and Use

The uses of Anavar include:

a) Muscle growth: Anavar steroid is mostly used as a muscle booster. The anabolic effects of the steroid ensure that your muscles get to recover and grow during rest.

b) Leaning effect: Majority of athletes who use Anavar do it for leaning reasons. The steroid is known to cut down the extra fatty tissues as it also prevents weight gain in the process

c) Athletic enhancement: The steroid is able to offer you athletic strength. Fighter and bodybuilders need power in their field of practice, and this is what they get from using Anavar.

d) Increased field performance: The steroid is known to enhance endurance. You get to enjoy speed on top of power in your physical field

Medically, Anavar tablets are used to treat conditions such as Osteoporosis and overexposure to corticosteroids.

Market Availability

Anavar for sale is available in major online stores and a few black markets. The tablets are a little expensive when compared to other steroids due to their performance effectiveness and safety properties. Before you purchase your steroid, it’s important to get it from a credible supplier.


Generally, Anavar is considered an effective performance booster. It is highly rated due to its tolerable and safe nature. This is why the tablets are a little expensive. Buy Anavar online and boost your athleticism like a pro.