One of the greatest excuse people use with regards to failure to achieve their fitness goals is the lack of a gym. However, there are other people who defy all odds to achieve their goals even in the midst of great challenges. What can you do to ensure that you achieve your fitness goals?

Understand why you are keeping fit

What motivated you to start working out and keeping fit? The main reason should be big and scary enough to motivate you to work out. Before you start your fitness regime, it is important to highlight the major reasons why you are working out. Highlight what the measures of success are and how you will reward or punish yourself for success or failure. Remember that each goal and objective should have its own measure of success.

Use the resources you have

If you travel a lot, you may not always have access to a gym or a great location where you could work out. However, the resources at your disposal could be used more effectively. For example, instead of throwing empty water bottles, you could make light weights with them. This way, you will keep up with your workout regimen even when you are in remote areas. In addition, not all exercises require sophisticated equipment and machinery. Jogging, walking, walking up and down a stair case are easy and efficient ways to kip fit without sophisticated equipment.

Have a supervisor

This may seem extreme but having someone who can ensure that you continue pursuing your fitness goals at all times is an efficient way to remain committed. While some friends may be efficient buddies, sometimes, they may not be strict. However, if the buddy is someone you respect and would hate disappointing, you will always have the motivation to keep working hard.